About us

Van Marcke Group

Labonorm is part of the Van Marcke Group and has been active in the sale of laboratory furniture since 1983. Since then we have grown into a dynamic company with a team of motivated and experienced professionals. In the highly transforming lab sector, labonorm is a established name in terms of innovation and sustainability. For example, our machine park was completely renewed in 2015 (Industry 4.0) and since then we have also been producing bathroom furniture for the Van Marcke company (private lable). Labonorm tries to integrate sustainability as much as possible in its business process. Our lab furniture is fully PEFC certified.

Our mission

At Labonorm we find it important to always offer the best quality and we are continuously looking for the best solution for our customers. Our goal is to create a lab where people like to work in. We have a passion for innovation and perfection and strive for maximum customer satisfaction. We place a great focus on efficiency and design, with a keen eye for detail. Every project is unique to us.

Our strengths

We design tailor-made projects and always look for specific solutions for every new project. We are responsible for the design, production and installation of our laboratory furniture. We have a wide range of options for our lab furniture, both in terms of products and materials, finishes and systems. Thanks to our strengths, we guarantee the perfect furnishing of your lab.