Laboratory benches

Labonorm offers 4 different types of benches for your lab. The different types of lab tables offer a wide range of possibilities with regard to size, type of worktop, equipment and cabinets. Each laboratory bench can therefore be custom made for you.

Accompanying furniture

Balance tables, rollable tables, stools and chairs complete the furnishing of your lab.


Our laboratory cabinets are modular and perfectly combinable with our laboratory benches. These cabinets are very solid and made in the 'old fashioned way' but in a hypermodern machine park. We also offer fully customized cabinets in the material of your choice.

Fume hoods

Labonorm has a range of fume hoods that are suitable for all kinds of applications.

Safety and quality were the most important points in the construction of every type of fume hoods.

Different models are available: EN-fume hoods, industrial fume hoods, school fume hoods, ....

They can be supplied by all necessary electrical and sanitary equipment as desired. The fume cupboards can be equipped with an air monitoring system. The extraction can be done separately or in groups.